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This website was created to honor one of the best drivers in the motorsport world, remember their feats, and why no? remind the world, who was our "Lole" Reutemann. The same as we did celebrate, shouting, encouraging. But at all, he marked us forever, we are contagious with his passion for motor sports. That's why this whole generation who grew up seeing him run today meets to restore at least a little of everything they gave us
The site has a large amount of photographies, many pictures never seen anywhere else, pictures of all races where he competed.

Carlos Alberto Reutemann, born in Santa Fe (Argentina) on April 12, 1942, was a Formula 1 driver from 1972 to 1982.
He was a great driver, Nicknamed "Lole", was cerebral, fast, and a knight of the tracks.
In his career at the highest level won 12 races, 2 without points and 6 pole positions, in 144 races.


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